We offer a range of training workshops to help implement the Look at Us curriculum that has been adapted to match the local context and audience. The following trainings are offered:

  1. Trainings to Organisation staff-Staff are trained to build their facilitation and management skills in organizing a youth communication, empowerment and leadership building curriculum. Duration: 3 days-1 week
  2. Trainings for Project Implementation Team-We train the team created out of the youth interest and project, to understand and apply the Look at Us curriculum for any group of youth. Duration: 1 week
  3. Orientation for Youth Groups-We build skills around youth to build agency, discuss interests and identify a social issue.  2 days - 2 weeks
  4. The full Look at Us intensive - The Look at Us traditional curriculum is 1 month long with the youth meeting for 2-3 hours every day. We also offer adapted versions of the training depending on the capacity, context and need to offer 1 2 week intensives, 1 month (3 X week); 1 Month ( every day , 2/3 hrs); Duration: 3 months (once/week)